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Raindrops in Tandai

After finished lunch this afternoon in dining room, I couldn’t go to the field office caused of the rain comes and couldn’t stop. So I took my LG mobile phone camera (Schneider – Kreuznach ) with 5 MP resolution then … Continue reading

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The Photo : The woman said “all about this for my family”

working and also caring her children, replaced her husband for a while. She is a great mother who can do many things to live on earth .. May God Bless her.. Amin

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Only God Knows..

The light…, In Umluj stated in the transition zone of Red Sea, Saudi Arabia. While waiting magrib pray after ashar we walking step up to the collected sand and watching the sun covered by the clouds. And suddenly I whispered the sound … Continue reading

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Hamparan Sawah Pulau Buru bagaikan pagar ayu yang menyambut

Hamparan sawah yang menyejukkan mata merupakan sebuah keindahan yang nyata dan memberikan kesyukuran yang dalam, berada di hamparan sawah bagaikan berada di Surga, seolah olah dulu surga pernah pecah dan kepingannya ada di pulau Buru. Foto ini diambil pada November … Continue reading

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Pigeons in the morning wind at Mecca

That morning outside of Masjidil Haram near to the Sandwich shop after praying. Time seems stop and the wind blows made the pigeons happily to fly surrounding us in Mecca the never sleep city.., there was a saudian giving a … Continue reading

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